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I see poverty, disadvantage, vulnerability, homelessness, disability, discrimination; suffered by children, single parents, families, the aged; and caused by ineffective government, incompetent local authorities, housing and care providers which have forgotten their mission, landlords who avoid their obligations, companies that rip you off. I don’t fight those problems because I have to. I became a lawyer because I want to. I am a barrister so that I can.

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A barrister is a specialist in advocacy and the law. I have been a barrister for 34 years, representing clients in all venues, from tribunals to the Supreme Court. I advise in writing, in conference, by phone and e-mail and draft court and other legal documents on instruction from a solicitor.


I specialise in housing, property, public and administrative law, human rights, community care and landlord and tenant. If you need to know more about my services, please contact my clerks at One Pump Court

Direct Access

You can now access barristers directly rather than going through a solicitor.


I am available to provide all the usual barrister’s services of advice, legal document drafting and court representation, subject to agreement on what needs to be done.


If you are interested in instructing me directly, please use the link below to contact my clerks.


A mediator helps parties reach a mutually acceptable settlement of a dispute as a cheaper, quicker and often more effective alternative to litigation.


Agreeing an outcome rather than having it imposed normally leaves those involved feeling they have achieved something better. I have been a mediator for 17 years, dealing mostly with property disputes.


I am available to advise on setting up and conducting a mediation and can come to a venue of your choosing.

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